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Lost, Stolen or Damaged Equipment Policy

The primary purpose of Instructional Technology Center's equipment is to support the instructional needs of students, faculty and staff within GSU's College of Education. When available, and when it will not impact the College's needs, equipment may be made available to GSU faculty or staff outside the College of Education to support research, professional presentations, or other official campus functions. It is ITC policy that the user and/or the user’s department will be responsible for LOST, STOLEN, or DAMAGED equipment and media that has been scheduled for their use.


When equipment used on campus or taken off campus, is LOST, STOLEN, or DAMAGED the user and/or user’s department will pay all replacement or repair costs.


The cost for replacing equipment is:

It is recommended that you check with your department chairperson to determine if the department is willing to cover any potential costs or whether it will be your responsibility. If you have homeowner’s insurance, that policy may cover part, or all, of the costs.

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